Structural Design

We have a keen understanding of your buiding's design and the problems that may arise due to design flaws or from gradual wear over time. We have designed solutions for cracked floors, unstable foundations, water runoff issues, and many more. Contact us with your particular issue and we would be glad to come up with a particular solution to your problem.

Mechanical Design

With over 20 years of experience in mechanical design, we have the knowledge to understand and fulfill your needs. If it be prototyping or an AutoCad drawing of your particular design issue, Gaines Engineering has the ability to get your project started or back on track.

Renovation Design and Repairs

At Gaines Engineering, we understand that issues arise during renovations and we are here to help you through this difficult time. Contact us and provide us with your respective issues and we will discuss with you what is needed to keep your project within code and provide the best fix based on your desires.

Home Inpection

We at Gaines Engineering are proud to now offer home inspection services licensed by the State of South Carolina. We follow the ASHI standard of practice, pride ourselves on being a true third party representatives, and utilize our structural inspection techiques to bring a higher level inspection than commonly offered.

We find at Gaines Engineering that the majority of Home inspectors do not have the requisite training and skills that are needed to understand the entricacies of home construction. This often results in incongruity between home construction standards and the report delivered. Our inspectors are certified, licensed, and have all the technical knowledge to provide you a detailed and fact based report.

Additional Information

For Home Inspections, we desire for clients to be present whenever possible for communication and description of potential problem areas

Due to liability reasons, we do not operate with a Supra Key. We require that the client's real estate agent or another able party provide our inspectors entry to the building being inspected.

We would like to remind our clients that all inspections are "limited visual inspections" under ASHI standards. Meaning that all problems may not be seen due to blockage by household items, being within wall cavities, etc. For addtional see